Wellbeing & Fitness


Whether its personal fitness goals that drive you or you need health and fitness solutions for you, your residents or workforce, J2F has a team of professional, qualified individuals who can devise a bespoke service to fit with your budget and requirements.

Wellness Consultation Days

Your employees book into 1-2-1 consultations throughout the day to discuss topics surrounding their personal health with our wellbeing consultant – we then provide confidential advice and a plan for the individual to make positive lifestyle changes. Within these sessions we can perform health assessments, fitness training support and nutritional guidance or discuss topics such as sleep and weight management.

Corporate Wellbeing

Happy, Healthier, More Productive Staff

We work with businesses to build a bespoke wellbeing programme that is accessible to all employees; our programmes help businesses improve employee morale, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity within the workplace. We provide engaging activities that enrich an employee’s lifestyle and add value to a company’s employee benefit offering.

Our flexible approach suits businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small establishment of five employees or a company with hundreds of staff, we can help to improve the wellbeing of your staff.

Why invest in corporate wellbeing?

Today’s working life means that we are under constant pressure to meet deadlines and handle instantaneous and continuous information. With ever-present screens and digital information, we rarely find the time to switch off, rest and recuperate. As a consequence, we often feel tired, disconnected and approach work just ‘going through the motions’. This level of dissatisfaction can lead to increased stress levels, anxiety, illness and unproductivity for individuals and businesses as a whole.

Businesses who realise that their people are their most valued asset will see the benefit of enlisting in a corporate wellbeing programme to look after their employees and optimise their business performance.

The Statistics

Sickness absence costs UK employers £8.4 billion per annum, with presenteeism costing the UK economy around £15.1 billion. (Centre for Mental Health)British companies are losing 27.5 days on average of productive time per employee each year because of sickness. (Labour Force Survey)

There were 488,000 cases of work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2015 to 2016, with the total number of working days lost to these conditions reaching 11.7 million days. (Labour Force Survey)

A preventative approach to wellbeing could save employers around £250 million per year. (Health at Work)

By 2030, 26 million people in the UK will be obese; these people will also experience related health problems such as diabetes, dementia, heart disease and stroke. 80% of these diseases can be prevented. (World Health Organization, 2014)

Employee wellbeing is strongly linked to improved performance and productivity. Organisations with greater levels of engagement report 22% higher productivity, with an improved level of work quality. (Labour Force Survey)


Gym Inductions

As part of our complete Gym & Spa solutions, our team deliver Gym Inductions across residential fitness facilities. To find out how we can help manage your fitness facility through the delivery of gym inductions or to book an induction at your facility, call us now on 01978 753 414, or email info@justin2fitness.com.

Team Building Days

As part of the package we can offer on-site fitness classes to help your employees engage in some form of physical activity. If you have a gym, studio or outdoor space, these classes will help encourage more people to use the facility. Even without a specific fitness facility, we are able to deliver a group fitness class in a conference or meeting room or a suitable outdoor space.

Online Personal Training

Enjoy friendly, experienced online personal training at any time…

It’s long been accepted in the fitness industry that having a personal trainer – someone who will give you tailored exercises and monitor your progress – is one of the most beneficial steps you can take to achieving your weight goals. Where most people struggle is maintaining the motivation to keep up their fitness regime, or stay eating healthily when their friends suggest a takeout, or their child bakes a cake. Personal trainers are the people who help you keep that willpower, who pull you up when you’re slacking and push you to exceed your own expectations.

However, having your own trainer can also be expensive, especially on a long-term regular basis. Yet thanks to Online Personal Training, you can take advantage of all the benefits of a PT through an online system, keeping your costs down and maximising your time efficiency. Why not see the difference an online personal trainer can make to your weight goals, and sign up for one of our courses today! We’re sure you and your body won’t be disappointed.

Get Fit Fast with an Online Personal Trainer!

It’s official: using an online personal trainer is now the hottest way to get your body in shape, and everybody from Hollywood stars to music celebs are getting in on the action. Combining all the best parts of a standard PT – the motivational talks, the bespoke workout plans – with a personalised diet plan and online training support that you can access from home, work or even out in the park, this is fitness redefined.

With Online Personal Training, you receive a dedicated trainer who’ll look at your initial profile and assess your individual needs. They’ll then create a workout regime for you to follow, with instructional videos available 24/7 online to show you step-by-step how to recreate the exercises at home. A nutritionist will also create a personalised meal plan for you to follow in order to complement your workouts and aid your ultimate goal, whether that be weight loss, weight gain, toning up or increasing muscular strength. Depending on your time frame, budget and goals, there are different sign-up options: a quick 6-week program; our most popular option, the 12-week plan; or the full year plan, which offers the best value for money.

6 Week Programme
  • Customised meal plan based on your requirements
  • A completely bespoke training plan catered to your specific needs
  • Motivational guidance and support
  • Initial Skype Consultation
12 Week Programme
  • Customised meal plan based on your requirements
  • A completely bespoke training plan catered to your specific needs
  • Motivational guidance and support
  • Initial Skype Consultation
  • 6 week review

The J2F Approach

We offer a flexible approach to building your Corporate Wellbeing Programme. individual services can be discussed to offer a totally bespoke solution to suit the needs of your business. Please contact us on 01978 753414 to discuss your requirements.