About Us

Gym Design Cheshire

With over 45 years of collective experience, our team of highly trained staff can manage, maintain, investigate and resolve any issue relating to gym and spa maintenance, ensuring your facility runs as efficiently as possible with minimal disruption all year round.

Founded by Justin Ryan

Justin Ryan

Founder/Director & Lead Trainer

Justin founded the business in 2013 and has since built a reputable and established company. He now project manages, oversees the provision of service, installation and maintenance contracts to ensure longevity and value for the client. The maintenance department currently services in excess of 200 sites here in the UK. He works with the client and their onsite team to provide H&S best practice which includes daily checks of the facility. Justin also manages the supplying of equipment, ensuring equipment and designs are delivered on time, safely and to a high standard. Justin is also a qualified fitness professional, instructor and group fitness coach. He has also been featured on TV programs / Radio and the press for his amazing 100lb personal weight loss experience.

Chloe Hughes

Maintenance, Sales & Service Coordinator

Chloe is a key part of the administration, design and maintenance team for all gym, spa/leisure equipment. Skills include accounting, IT and of course the backbone of all busy administration roles, multi-tasking! Chloe enjoys working out and just like Justin has also had great success. Shedding over 100 lbs during her own weight loss transformation. A truly inspirational woman and an asset to the business.

Greg Ryan

Senior Service Technician

Greg has over 40 years of management experience within a busy gym, swim and spa leisure complex. Pool and plant maintenance, Health & Safety and best value are key areas of Greg’s expertise.

Thomas Bond

Online PT/Nutritionist

Tom has over 10 years of experience and knowledge within the fitness industry and has completed his BSc (Hons) in Sport, Health and Physical Education and holds an MSc Human Nutrition. Tom is an Associate Nutritionist for the Association for Nutrition and is registered on the UKVRN. Specialising in health and well-being, Tom will be able to help you achieve any goal health and fitness related. Tom also assists on site for movements & installations