Maximum Results In The Shortest Time

Personal and Online PT packages designed to get you Fit FAST

Justin2fitness excels at Personal Training and offers the very best service. Our Personal Training services are managed and delivered by renowned UK Trainer Justin Ryan, he will guide and correct your form, and achieve the results you want in the fastest way possible. This creates a solid foundation for a  lifelong sustainable and healthy lifestyle. You may feel this is an expensive option but when you compare it to how many gym memberships you may have started and not used, how many diet books you have purchased, the amount of times you have started a particular health fad or diet and so on. Justin2fitness personal training guarantees to keep you motivated and will allow you to achieve your goals in the fastest time possible.

Whether your goals are fat loss, muscle gain, improving fitness or getting ready for a particular event, Justin2fitness has it covered. We will take time to listen to you and will spend time outside of sessions working on your individual program to ensure you remain motivated, inspired and fully committed to achieve your goals.

Justin understands the barriers that stand in the way of every single client. His own 100lb weightless transformation was featured in the press and the media, he now holds a worldwide client base both online and heading out to deliver sessions in other countries. We go above and beyond to provide a TRULY PERSONAL service and within our personal training we offer a comprehensive range of services:

Initial Consultation
  • Free 30 minute initial online consultation
PT Session
  • Trainer - Justin
  • 60 min PT session
  • at Home
  • at Work
  • Indoors
  • Outdoors
  • Guaranteed Results

Online Coaching Subscriptions

It’s long been accepted in the fitness industry that having an Online Coach – someone who will give you tailored exercises and monitor your progress – is one of the most beneficial steps you can take to achieving your goals. Where most people struggle is maintaining the motivation to keep up their fitness regime, or stay eating healthily when their friends suggest a takeout, or their child bakes a cake. Online Coaches are the people who help you keep that willpower, who pull you up when you’re slacking and push you to exceed your own expectations.

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of things that are included in your Coaching and the subscription packages available.

Here’s to that NEW YOU!


Goal and motivational focussed

Habit tracking

Full coaching & mentoring


PDF Guides

Measurements/form analysis


Scan & Track

Delicious recipe Pack

Linked to Myfitnesspal

Simple & Manageable

Guaranteed Results

Recipes sync straight to your App


Full support (Daily if required)

Skype/facetime/telephone etc

Motivational guidance

Live Demos / Instructional / Exercise Correction

Weekly Online Check in with Justin


Individual structured exercises

Fast and effective results

Programmes have a clear focus

Instructional exercise videos

Use in the gym / home / outdoors

  • Initial Online Consultation
  • J2F Supplement Guide
  • J2F Recipe Pack
  • Fully custom training plan by Justin
  • Unlimited Email support from Justin
  • Custom meal plan and macros, amazing recipes
  • Plans designed for you and your lifestyle
  • Weekly check-ins and updates
  • Plans updated each month
  • Monthly subscription (auto renew)
  • Cancel anytime (30 Day Notice)